Pierce & Biersadorf sets the high standards and sticks to them. Bringing into the equation customer care, hardwork and honesty when dealing with their clients. Be it a family or company the service is always the same. Truly an inspiration.
— William Campbell (Retired New York City Councilman)

Pierce & Biersadorf is a LTD consultancy company. The company works on both small and large scale Architecture and Construction Projects.

Launched as a company that would take a fresh and customer-focused approach. One that would be transparent, built on trust, and which would put the customer before the commission. We achieve this, in large part, by employing only the highest quality staff: consultants who are articulate and approachable, thoroughly up-to-speed with all areas of the local and broader technological markets, and fully conversant with the industry’s codes of practice. But above all, we manage it by employing consultants who understand your needs, are excellent communicators, and have a strong work ethic.

We assess and advise clients on any structural and architecture issues they may have. We more than 7 years of experience, and are familiar with all aspects of the construction trade. 

  • We assist with administration tasks; making sure events runs smoothly, and on time, so that the site owner and managers can concentrate on other business matters.
  • We keep projects running on budget, and handle any problems that may appear. By working as an in-between for the owner of the site and the construction crew.
  • We provide a Project planning service where we design the structure, and help to anticipate any potential issues.
  • Also we perform analytical & forensic work for clients. In order to determine why a building failed or have recurring structural issues.


Pierce & Biersadorf additionally works with community outreach projects, helping people in need Worldwide.

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